Saturday, June 12, 2010

Retro and contemporary fabric bags to brighten our winter

Here is the little number I wrote about in the last blog. Salvaged retro teal curtain fabric from our vintage fabric hoard -  made up brilliantly into an art deco style bag. The new owner kindly brought it back to me for a photo. It is just a mini sized purse - for sunnies, keys and wallet. The fabric is just right for bags- furnishing weight so durable and easy to manage.

Another princess handmade fabric bag left my hands for its new owner recently. In contemporary Ballet fabric, we lined it with recycled stripes and added a contrasting pocket. Just for little girls, it has been designed in a mini whimsy style.  With a recycled yellow button for the clasp- a perfect Princess Hannah!

Another long weekend is here - I am looking forward to completing a few more totes!


  1. "Bessie" so kindly donated the gorgeous blue art deco style bag to an ABA fundraiser and I was lucky enough to win it! The photo, though gorgeous, doesn't do the bag justice. The fabric is green shot through with a purpley blue (which is why it looks blue in the photo). I'm very happy with it, thanks Michelle! :)

  2. Thanks Bron! I loved the fabric when I saw it too - glad you are enjoying it.