Friday, July 23, 2010

Brand New Produce Bags for your Fruit and Vegies

Eco friendly Bessie brings the first peek of our produce bags. Are you tired of tossing plastic bags? Most of us remember our green bags for the checkout - this goes one step further. Designed to hold your fruit and vegetables, it is light enough to weigh your produce and carry it home. Machine washable, they can be used over and over.
With a built in drawstring and made from recycled lightweight fabrics or curtains they are a environmentally friendly substitute for the supermarket or produce markets. Versatile- you can also make them a toy bag or for eco-friendly gift wrapping.

Say NO to Plastic Bags! Have fun with your groceries with our custom made bags in your choice of colours. You can purchase three of the same fabric or a variety as pictured. Visit our gallery for more fabric ideas. The bags featured on this page are made from discarded vintage sheets and net curtain- a great way to shop  sustainably.

Thrifted vintage floral extravaganza

Latest thrift finds from local op shops. This happy navy, red and white floral is cotton based yet has distinctive lines in the fabric weave reminiscent of older times.

There was plenty of yardage in this material- so the options are limitless for the use. It has to be a bag, and then we'll see about the leftovers.

I love the colours in this pretty cotton paisley. A lucky score.

Lastly, spots and florals in polyester. I am looking forward to see what becomes of this and what other fabrics it is teamed with. The pile of fabrics keeps growing....time to sew.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Enter A $100AU Prize Draw To Win Handmade Vintage Fabric Bags And Homewares

Thanks for checking out our brand new blog page Thrift Recycle Handmade. Now is your last chance for our special offer – to enter our free eco-friendly $100 Bessie prize pack draw. Just comment below, on our Bessie website, or like/comment on the Bessie facebook page. We’ll add an extra entry for each!

We promised that for the prize we’d include a special new release handmade item – great for the environment for two reasons and you will be the first to have one. The first reason is like many of our other products, it is made of recycled and vintage fabric and notions. Secondly, if you use it – you will help save the planet. It is a set of three brand new Bessie produce bags.

What are produce bags? Perhaps you have heard it called something else. Simply, instead of your fruit and vege going into a plastic bag in the produce section of your supermarket or from the markets, you can use a lightweight, reusable fabric drawstring bag. You can even wash them every few weeks if you need to.
Sustainable living has seen us ditch our plastic bags at the checkout for reusable grocery bags. You can go one step further to reduce your plastic bag consumption with our produce bags.

If you check out recent blogs or our Bessie website you will know that we have loads of fabric to choose from and for a short time will we will custom make your orders.

Inject some flair into your shopping, and salvage some of our precious resources for our planet. Naturally, they are perfect for vintage and retro lovers.

The prize includes postage, other Bessie homewares and bags that will lift your spirits every day. We would love to hear your comments. Like or subscribe away as the more you do the more chance you have to win our $100AU prize pack.

Learn more about our selection of vintage and retro fabric available. Or have a look at our articles where you can find out all about recycling vintage fabrics and what it can do for you.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My latest vintage buttons (and bows)

There is something about buttons. Old ones. Odd ones.
Perhaps it is those distinctive colours.
Or detail?
Is it the rewards in finding them?
My favourites of these finds.
A shame there were only a pair of these.
These photos today were thrifted from at least 5 op shops.
I would love to be able to place a date on each set.
Aren't they lovely? I guess they are not eveyone's cup of tea but I still love looking through my Grandma's (Bessie) buttons (as do my children- not just looking: sorting by colour or size, or playing). I remember the diamante ones I used for a felt frog pincushion - one of my first handsewn projects. And the tiny fragile button- not half a centimetre wide - now lost! After my last visit to Paddington and seeing the gorgeous bakelite beauties proudly displayed, I knew I was not the only besotted one.

Spots for winter

The fabric is brand new, plush and cuddly- so soft all the kids were mesmerised. I modified one of our patterns today....

And... the result. She was so excited the long planned for dressing gown was completed - multicoloured fluff everywhere, it had to be worn tonight and ready for the morning.

Plus rick rack detailing. The kids loved that the pocket's spots matched the robe's.
 And a very happy girl, keeping cosy this winter.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More retro and vintage for my fabric stash

Reading other thrifter's blogs, and hearing the physical sensations of delight when they find a fabric they adore - makes me realise I am not alone! I'm not sure if my heart skips a beat or if it simply gets faster...but it was certainly activated when I found this little haul for my stash! All from the one op shop.

Florals and more. The sprigged cotton looks Australian - I would love to know.

Even though this pink floral was on an acrylic/polyester I had to snatch it up. The floral below was a much more durable fabric.
Above this contemporary shirting will be perfect lining some of my black bags. It's great fun mixing old and new.

The blue and white material below could be upholestery fabric- I have earmarked it for a clutch.
Love, love gingham and am always happy to find it secondhand. I love it with florals and spots....

Retro below: last week when I bought this fabric, I walked into a public toilet tiles in exactly the same 70's shades with similar pattern. I'm still not sure what it to become of it.

Best for last. For me, anyway. Another polyester - I couldn't help it- despite our hot hot summers. It will drape beautifully- I am picturing what style of top it will become. Perhaps a bag or two as there is plenty of length.

Time to sew if only to make room in my cupboard for this lot.