Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fundraisers and Women's Bags

This blog was first published May 18, 2010. 
The very first bag I made for myself was designed out of need. I was off to a Pink Ladies lunch (a breast cancer fundraiser) and I did not want to walk home in my high heels. The bag had to be small, but I actually cut the fabric according to the size of my flip flops. I also added other essentials like a ticket, sunnies, cash and card. I loved the style so much, I decided to sew another Ribboned Ditty. 
Mauve Flowers on Grey drawstring bag was refashioned from a vintage blouse sleeve -with the original seam. I love this fabric. It has a sheen about it that works well for the evening as well. Then I decided to make another from this beautiful Japanese contemporary fabric.

Adorable colours and print. It has an elegant velvet ribbon tie. Made from remnants (it actually holds all the colours I used in my day bed spruce), it will only fit the littlest shoe, but will be perfect for occasions when you don't want to bring much. Plus it is:
Reversible! In chocolate linen with three exquisite vintage buttons- it is two for one. I wasn't finished there. 

I completed two more bags - well almost. I still need to sew buttons onto a groovy stripey blue retro kokeshi bag. Plus I finished another art deco style bag this one is in retro teal. It flew the coop without a photo, at another ladies lunch ( I don't attend fundraisers all the time - this one was a Breastfeeding fundraiser for Mothering Week), so I am yet to add it to the gallery.

Energy still remaining, with remnants of some gorgeous modern furnishing fabric, I completed more handmade table runners.
 Soon to be listed, unlike my other table runners they all have a fringed edging courtesy of the selvedge.
Last weekend, with no luncheons.... I managed to sort my stash of vintage fabric, I declared I was not to add to my pile! (for now).  I managed to make some more space for the stash by a completing day bed cover and lots of cushion covers- a long awaited for project end. Each cover progressed in it's complexity. Now I just have to muse over how I will use the remnants!

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