Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hand-me-down vintage

I love this word. Here are some of the enduring beauties I have received:.

Visiting markets recently, we discovered a pillow or two full of vintage brooches. Some huge, or gaudy, others sweet and refined. These two I inherited. Besides the florals, they are both so different. I would love to learn more about them. Meanwhile I just wear and enjoy them.

My grandma (Bessie's) I think? We still wear it, Kate loves aprons. Occasionally I come across an op shop beauty- generally worn and loved, but always in a fabulously vintage fabric.

This basket is very special because my Pop made it. I am unsure of it's age - but I see it and use it every morning and night. Handmade, it is so strong and durable. It keeps reinventing itself to give me a new purpose every few years. Pop's shed had it own smell about it. Retired from the farm, fixed tennis racquets, was very handy with wood, was way ahead with edible landscapes and I guess he weaved as well!


  1. I should always ask Mum first. Mum says the brooches were Nanna's - her mother in law's. The apron she made herself in Teacher's College 1961(home ec) - almost 50 years old. It has a matching hankie. I forgot to mention Pop not only grew the vegies, he also was handy in the kitchen. Porridge and fry up (bubble and squeak) every morning. Boiled vege everyday. He had Go for 2&5 under wraps.

  2. I love your posts :-) and vintage Mmmm :-) Nice family story about the pics too :-)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments - I just enjoyed a browse in the Clip Cafe- gorgeous. I can't decide which is my favourite - there are too many. Glad you stopped by.

  4. I was at Mum and Dad's on the weekend: Mum had seen the post and brought out a matching soft bag - very sweet. I will have to post the other aprons I sourced form op shops one day...