Saturday, July 10, 2010

My latest vintage buttons (and bows)

There is something about buttons. Old ones. Odd ones.
Perhaps it is those distinctive colours.
Or detail?
Is it the rewards in finding them?
My favourites of these finds.
A shame there were only a pair of these.
These photos today were thrifted from at least 5 op shops.
I would love to be able to place a date on each set.
Aren't they lovely? I guess they are not eveyone's cup of tea but I still love looking through my Grandma's (Bessie) buttons (as do my children- not just looking: sorting by colour or size, or playing). I remember the diamante ones I used for a felt frog pincushion - one of my first handsewn projects. And the tiny fragile button- not half a centimetre wide - now lost! After my last visit to Paddington and seeing the gorgeous bakelite beauties proudly displayed, I knew I was not the only besotted one.

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