Friday, March 18, 2011

Need an excuse to go shopping? We have 10!

Last week we filled a custom made order for a bag. The realisation didn't hit me until after I received their thanks back for the gift. I knew the gift was for a present and that there was a particular date it was required by. I knew that cotton was perfect as was the preference for recycled fabric. I thought it was a birthday gift from husband to wife.
Instead I found out it was a 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift. The traditional gift for 2nd Anniversaries is cotton. A bag was perfect. Our client looked at the styles of bags available and then the fabrics - choosing a bold retro print in a Grandma's tote style with bamboo handles:
The retro print came from a 70's cicular linen tablecloth. The fabric was cut with the grain so the design differs from the front and back of the bag. It was great to have had some recycled handles in my stash - ready to go.
Co-ordinating tan stripe on white sheeting (also recycled) was chosen for the lining - along with 3 pockets: pen/iphone/wallet, rickrack keyloop (the only new component) and vintage button trim. We called it the Burnt Retro Grandma's Tote.
Of course Bessie bags are perfect for 2nd anniversaries (as are our homewares and other ranges), especially for discerning consumers trying to reduce their eco-footprint. We also have some gorgeous contemporary cottons.
Even better news - Bessie bags are perfect for more anniversary presents:
3rd (Traditional)  Leather - we can source recycled handles for your fabric bag.
4th (Traditional)  Fruit and Flowers - why not buy something longlasting? A floral handbag (check out our vintage fabrics - there are loads of florals to chose from.)
5th (Traditional) Wood - we have some beautiful wooden handles sourced from op shops.
6th (Modern) Wood
7th (Traditional) Wool - some of our vintage fabrics are wool. Go for tweed or plaid.
8th (Modern) Linen and Lace - plenty of linen in stock as well as lace lined doilies (an example of how lace is incorporated in one of our latest designs.
9th (Modern) Leather
12th (Traditional) Silk/Linen - lots of silks too!
13th (Traditional) - Lace
So, 10 reasons to purchase a vintage fabric bag. On the otherhand,  because they can be eco-friendly and gorgeous - do you really need a reason?

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