Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deadlines and a Kokka Charmer

I work much better under a deadline. Birthday parties are a mother of all deadlines because it meant I finished this bag in time. Called a charmer, it is a smaller sized bag not designed for carting a couple of heavy dictionaries, more inclined to service ponies, littlest pets, and some hair gear and lipgloss. Of course, it will eventually graduate to makeup, wallets, iphones and ID. This version has slightly longer straps, which means it will sit well over the shoulder for women and not just girls.

Custom made for a brand new 10 year old , the fabric included a purple and black floral cotton interior, wadding for interfacing and a contemporary Japanese Kokka fabric. Purchased months ago,  and called Teal apartment scenes in purples, lime and blue on white, I could no longer find it available.

With a coordinated tag with a little bag story printed after this photo, we were a bit reluctant to let it leave our hands. Lucky  I still have as much fabric again, next time I wonder which style I will fashion it with?

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